Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Weekend Roundup 1

Hello lovelies! I thought I would show you all a few little snippets from my weekend. It may become a regular feature if anyone finds it interesting enough? This weekend wasn’t exactly exciting but it was fairly busy and involved most of my favourite things; shopping, eating out, hillwalking and a little bit of relaxation time in the pub. On Saturday I went into town with my boyfriend to have a little look around the shops. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, I only really went along as he was looking for a new football top. I couldn’t stop myself from picking up a few little treats though. Firstly I picked up a new adorable cup by Bobble that I’m going to use for smoothies. I saw these in John Lewis and I’d been searching for a smoothie cup for a while as I like to take drinks on the go and I thought this would be perfect! I also purchased a new Cath Kidston mug as my mum broke one I had before and  I love the size of these mugs; they are perfect for a giant cup of tea. Lastly I got the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top-coat after reading Gemma’s review on this; I've just applied it this morning so I’ll be putting it to the test myself – first impressions are great though!

On Sunday morning my boyfriend, his dog Mullach and I went on a little rainy hillwalk as we usually do every weekend. It’s good to give Mullach a big walk every weekend as she is very energetic and her walks during the week usually only consist of a quick jaunt around the park a few times. Living in Scotland we are never too far away from beautiful scenery and lovely walks. This time we went up to a little place called Honeymoon Bridge (cute name). The walk was full of little waterfalls which Mullach loved as she adores playing in water, typical Labrador! The view from the top of the hill was rather amazing too, I always think the views make the effort put in to get to the top completely worth it!

Later on my boyfriend was playing in a charity football tournament so I went along to keep my friend who was also watching company. I have to admit we didn't do very well at keeping score for the boy as we were so busy having a good chinwag, oops! We then headed to the pub for a little bit after to celebrate, although my boyfriend’s team didn't exactly win, they came joint 3rd out of 12 teams which I think is pretty good going!

What did you guys get up to at the weekend? I hope you had a good one!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Review: Model’s Own Fruit Pastel Strawberry Tart

I couldn’t quite decide if I was more sceptical or excited when I first heard about the Model’s Own scented nail polishes. I’m a huge Model’s Own fan and love their regular nail polishes as I’m always guaranteed a great colour pay off, a lovely glossy finish and they tend not to chip right away on my nails unlike some other polishes. I decided the only way to find out if the scented polishes were any good was to try myself! I opted for Strawberry Tart as I was missing a good pastel pink from my collection and I think it would be the scent I would personally find most pleasing. The polish is also available in 4 other shades / scents; Apple Pie, Banana Split, Blueberry Muffin and Grape Juice. You can buy the set of 5 for £20 currently on the Model’s Ownwebsite which is good value seeing as they are usually 5 squid each!

The polishes come with a little scratch’n’sniff on top of the bottle which I thought was really cute and was something I loved as a child – in a way it reminded of those scented gel pens you could get, I don’t know if they are still around but I loved them when I was younger!

The polish applies well, although I did need 2 coats which is no big deal as I usually do around 2 or 3 anyway.  It’s a very light but bright pink, I guess you could call it ‘bubblegum pink’. One thing which was strange was that my friends and family commented on my hands looking quite tanned which was weird as I am basically Casper when it comes to being pale. It must be the particular shade of this polish, no complaints!

Now, does it actually smell like strawberries? Err…vaguely. The polish itself doesn’t have a particularly strong scent. When it dries there is definitely the subtle scent of strawberries but this didn’t last any longer than a few hours and wasn’t particularly strong. Let’s face it though, how many of us go around smelling our hands all day? Weird. At the end of the day I guess the ‘strawberry scent’ is a bit of a gimmick; it’s a nice idea but I don’t think it really translates into real life very well. Still, this is a lovely shade and a great addition to my collection. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review: Lush Therapy Massage Bar

Whilst in town the other day I decided to pop into Lush before lunch and take a quick gander at the Massage Bars as I have heard quite a bit about them. They were stationed right at the front of the shop and the assistant explained they had been very popular recently; it was soon easy to see why. I smelled a few of the different kinds but settled on the ‘therapy’ bar as some of the others smelled a little too fruity, or even medicinal, for my liking.  The fragrance of this bar is rather subtle but pleasant; shea and cocoa butter are the first smells to hit but there is also the addition of citrus oils, neroli and lavender that comes through. It’s recommended especially for pregnant women and those with scars or stretch marks as it is said to help both prevent them and fade them.

These bars have recently had an overhaul to their formula. The lovely assistant explained the change in formulas in ‘chocolate terms’; the old formula was similar to that of a dairy milk, whereas the new formula is more akin to an aero bar. I thought this was an Interesting and effective of describing the alteration! Another little fact told by the lady in the shop is the reason for its shape is to do with it being particularly great for pregnant women; for every four babies born one has a ‘outy ‘ belly button which is why there are three indented dots and one sticking out of the bar. Fascinating and cute!!

And the most important factor of all; this product works. Like, really works. I have had dry skin problems all my life and have went through every moisturiser and body oil there is out there (well, it seems like it) seeking soft, silky skin. I rubbed this on after a bath before bed and it melted in instantly as my skin was still quite warm. It does take a little while to sink in so I would recommend being careful with it rubbing on clothing, bed sheets etc. My skin soon felt silky and had a glow about it I hadn’t seen since before winter set in and took its toll on my skin. I’m not sure if this product is worth the £6.50 price tag…I do enjoy it and personally I like the smell of it but it doesn't seem to be lasting very long. Perhaps I shall be keeping this as a treat!