Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Liebster Award

I've been tagged by the lovely yeslesley for the Liebster Award - basically I have to answer some questions that some other bloggers and I have been tagged to, then pass it on and make some new questions! I am really lazy and also a new blogger so I'm not sure who to tag - so basically if you are reading this then leave a comment - as I tag YOU!! :)

Here are the rules:
1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
6. No tag backs!

11 Facts

1. I have a degree in Politics and Sociology though I'm still not sure what I want to do with it.
2. I have a strange connection to Cornwall which began with yearly holidays from a young age - My brother and his family now live there as well as my uncle... and now my best friend is moving there to do her PHD this year. Sometimes when I visit it feels like I'm going home in a way!
3. I met my boyfriend for about 10 minutes 5 years prior to us meeting again and him asking me on a date but he doesn't remember it!
4. I'm a very messy person but when I do begin to tidy up and clean I get obsessed with it and can't stop until it's perfect. 
5. I used to be very shy to the point it would stop me taking part in things or prevent me from making new friends. I began to realise how silly it was and I'm mostly over it now though I can be quite a quiet person in general anyway. 
6. I really enjoy working in the supermarket that I do but I can't do it forever and I don't want to be a manager so I must leave when the time is right. 
7. I love animals and I think if I could go back to school I'd become a vetinary nurse or something along those lines.
8. I have a nephew and niece who I only get to see around twice a year as they live so far away but I love them dearly. 
9. I'm addicted to chocolate and get cravings all the time and get sooo grumpy when I can't have any. 
10. My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. 
11. I hate driving but I like cars. Weird. 

1. Describe what a perfect day would be like for you.

Anything in the sunshine! I 'm a bit outdoorsy so maybe a picnic in the park after a litte bit of shopping and a few beers and a BBQ later? 

2. What is your most prized possession?

A picture of my Grandpa. 

3. Do you have a favourite perfume? If so, what is it?

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb!

4. What is your favourite place to travel or what is your dream travel destination?

Cornwall! Though I loved Berlin when I went and would love to go again. It would be a dream come true to travel around Europe. 

5. Describe your style in three words.

Monochrome, Comfortable, Boyish
6. What is your favourite quote or song lyrics?

Not all those who wander are lost - J R R Tolkien

7. If you could have grown up in any era, which would you have chosen?

The 50s, I'm not sure why but it seems like an exciting time to be growing up in. 

8. Are you a heels, flats, or trainers kind of lady?

Flats, specifically boots! I'm 5 foot 10 so heels aren't really an option without looking like a giraffe. I love a good ankle boot.

9. Do you still read magazines (the actual paper copies, not just online)? What are your favourite?

I read Company sometimes.

10. If you could live in one climate all year round, what would it be?

Sunny but not humid. With a breeze. Thank you. 

11. You have one day to spend an unlimited amount of money on treating yourself to things you normally wouldn't spend money on - what do you do? (Extra points to anyone who watches Parks and Recreation and is now singing Treat Yo'Self 2011!)

hahaha treating myself? Well...a new car because my current one is a banger and is giving up! A Mulberry bag...all of Topshop. And this is weird but I'd do a food shop at Whole Foods hahaha. 

So my questions for you are:

1. What is your one beauty product you couldn't live without?
2. If you were stranded on a dessert island what would be the one thing you would choose to take?
3. What is your favourite kind of music and what does music mean to you?
4. Do you have a signature dish you like to cook?
5. If you could have any pet what would you have?
6. Would you rather wear no make-up and have stylish clothes or have horrible clothes but perfect make up?
7. What is your funniest childhood memory?
8. Favourite place you have visited?
9. What is your dream job?
10. Where did you meet your best friend and tell us a bit about them :)
11. What is your favourite drink?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Clothing Factory Conditions; Who is Responsible?

With a recent focus in the news on factory standards I’ve been thinking a lot about where our clothes actually come from and whose fault it is that people are still working in such horrific standards. Is it simply just bad standards of build or does it go much deeper? I believe it does. I think perhaps the responsibility is shared somewhat…but what exactly can we do?

Let’s face facts, Primark supplies fast, cheap fashion that isn’t exactly the greatest of quality but feeds the demand of shoppers looking for a quick fix of the latest trends at a small price compared to other designer and high street shops. We have all been guilty of shopping in Primark and other such budget stores  looking for the latest trends and items we know we won’t get much wear out of, but does that make us to blame for the way such items are sourced? Or is it up to Primark as a business on the whole to find a more responsible way of manufacturing items in bulk? Quite often the majority of us are quite happy to be ignorant of where our clothes are manufactured, but look at the labels of most of your favourite garments and you’ll more than likely see they are produced in countries such as Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and India. Such countries are considered as less economically developed which means they are susceptible to providing cheap labour in horrendous working conditions, fuelling poverty due to inequalities between factory owners and factory workers. I’m sure we’ve all heard the term ‘sweatshop’ but do many of us actually care or think about what it means when our clothes have been produced here? Unfortunately our clothes are likely to have been made by workers in horrific conditions, many of which who are children. So perhaps we could be a little more responsible. There are many fair trade brands that are ‘socially responsible’ and whilst they are a little more expensive, perhaps it is worth the cost.  I believe even ASOS, Topshop and even Marks and Spencer’s have begun to stock some fair-trade items which is a big step forward!

But is it our problem? It can be said that it is the country that the items are sourced from that are at blame for not providing suitable working conditions. Poverty at the end of the day is to do with politics, and I believe today’s politics is too concerned with self-interest. While rich countries continue to make decisions that only benefit themselves, others in not so fortunate positions are suffering due to these decisions. We wouldn’t have cheap, affordable fast fashion without these countries, but should we be taking advantage of that? We shouldn’t be taking our business elsewhere as surely this benefits workers in no way whatsoever, but the current conditions surely can’t continue.

Will you think twice next time you pick up a cute dress at a bargain price? Or do you think it’s part of a wider problem that is down to governments and charities working together to provide better standards? The argument goes far deeper than this but I thought it was an interesting subject to bring up and something I don’t often see addressed in the fashion blogging world. It would be great to hear your opinions! 

Some links if interested:

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review: Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation

I was in a bit of a rush picking a cheap temporary foundation recently and I quickly chose Collection’s Lasting Perfection Foundation (£5.99) based entirely on my love for the concealer equivalent of this product which is wildly raved about. I’ve tested this over a few weeks now and my expectations were initially low; however I have been pleasantly surprised so far and I use it daily at the moment. The packaging is nice considering the product is so cheap and it comes with a pump as standard. It has SPF 20, not great with flash photography, but good news for skin protection.

It claims to provide 16 hours of long-lasting full coverage. For me this certainly lasted on my skin all day and provided a nice full, matt coverage. This definitely isn’t for those girls who like a natural looking finish though; it can occasionally go a tiny bit cakey if not blended fully and it can highlight some lines and wrinkles but overall it does have a nice finish to it. It is oil free so great for those of you who have oily or combination skin! I have dry skin and find if I have particularly dry patches it can highlight this but this is mainly down to skincare and preparing my skin in advance, it’s nothing a little bit of primer won’t sort!

My main problem with the product is the colour range. There are only six shades available so it may not suit every skin tone. I went for number 2 – though number 1 didn’t look much lighter at all! This is a little too dark for my pale skin tone and can look a little orange if not blended properly (ew) but I’ve began mixing this with a little leftover maxfactor foundation that was far too light for me and have found the perfect combination for my skintone.

All in all, this is worth every penny! If you like a heavy-duty high coverage foundation that lasts all day then you have nothing to lose. My advice would be is to make sure your skin is in good condition and to spend a little time making sure this product is blended completely! With a little perseverance I made this product work for me and now I’d definitely repurchase this as a go-to product when I need a little more coverage.