Tuesday, 6 August 2013

River Island Cut Out Boots

I have been craving a pair of cut out boots for at least six months now. These started popping up a long time ago but I could never find a pair with the right heel height, correct account of chunkyness and a price tag I was willing to pay. I had my eye on a few pairs at Office but didn’t fully love any of them and just couldn’t commit nearly £100 to a pair when I wasn’t sure how much wear I would get out of them! Then I spotted these beauties in River Island.

I snapped them up in the shop the day after I spotted them online. For me, these are my ideal cut out boots. The heel is nice and small which is ideal for someone like me that resembles a giraffe at the best of times. They aren’t overly chunky but still have that cool masculine look about them and look sturdy. They are also real leather which was a plus for me as for me that is a sign of quality and that they will last me a long time. And the best bit? They were only £65. Absolute bargain for a pair of boots I adore the look of, are comfortable and will go with most outfits and definitely look great all the way through autumn and winter. I’m finding it pretty difficult to actually remove these from my feet at the moment as I love them so much! Do you guys like the cut out boot trend?  


  1. I've been loving boots a lot recently, even my latest post is on a pair I purchased just the other day, I think you can wear them with just about anything! These are so lovely! I do really like the cut out boot trend and I'm so glad you finally found some after a full 6 months of looking.

    1. boots are always my go-to! I have hardly any shoes or trainers - just boots! x

  2. Nice ones!
    Great purchase!

  3. They are gorgeous! £65 isn't bad at all!

    Rose xo

  4. I still haven't bought myself a pair of cut out boots (I've been lusting after them for ages now though...) and I'm still not sure whether to buy any! I love yours! - I swear River Island do the best shoes, I always find myself scrolling through their shoe section online!

  5. :O How gorgeous are these! I wish I had the confidence to pull of something like this, so lovely!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award, just click on the link to join in =]

  6. They look beautiful, although secretly I still like the Balenciaga's better ;)