Saturday, 18 June 2011

let's finish what we started

Today I have a quick face of the day / failed outfit of the day that I meant to post before I left for Berlin! I went out with my Uni friends one weeknight to celebrate my birthday which was on Monday the 13th. I flew off to Berlin early on Saturday morning for a week as a type of celebration and had an absolutely amazing time which I am sure I will post about soon in more detail. I wasn't too keen on having a party for my 21st so instead decided that going away somewhere would be much more up my street! When I went out with my Uni girls we went to TGI's and had a lush meal, although I have to say the cocktails were the highlight for us all; I had one which I cannot find on the menu online and unfortunately I can't remember the name of it! I do know that it was made from both malibu and amaretto which are two of my favourite drinks, although for me nothing beats captain morgan's spiced rum and coke, yummy! Afterwards we went out for a few more drinks and all in all had a lovely girly night!

Here is myself after spending forever on my make-up, I had just had my eyebrows waxed that day so they look especially tidy! The lady who did them wasn't very good though; she managed to put wax far too close to my eyelid for my liking which hurt a lot. I will definitely be finding a new beautician, that is for sure.

I used Revlon Photoready foundation which I love, Benefit boi-ing concelaer, Sleek's contour kit, the blush included in the kit from Two-Faced featured in the post below, Urban Decay's brow box in brown sugar, my Too Faced naked eye palette, l'oreal superliner in black, Too-Faced lash injection mascara and a little bit of l'oreal glam bronze in blonde harmony as I am very pale! Quite a standard look; nothing too daring here! I find it quite hard to play around with colour on my eyelids as I am so pale - I tend to stick to neutrals, browns and bronzes!

Like I said my outfit post failed as my tripod has been eaten up by my loft and is nowhere to be found! Hopefully I can find it soon as I'd love to try an outfit post. All I managed was this close-up which gives a kind of idea as to what I was wearing!

Now that I am home and have recovered from all the epic walking we did, I'm slowly starting to catch up on reading all the posts I missed while I was away; it's amazing what you can miss in a week!! Thanks for reading, I hope everyone is well and that
 you all have a great weekend! xx


  1. love the eyes!! and the outfit looks great!hope you can find your tripod :)

    claire, x

  2. Gorgeous eyes! I'm v jealous if you going to Berlin for a week, I went for a long weekend a couple of months ago and I absolutely fell in love with it, it's just such a cool city! Did you visit the Mauerpark flea market?

  3. what a lovely idea going away instead of having a big party; you'll have to post some pics! xo

  4. gorgeous! what great eyebrows you have too haha :) xx

  5. Love your eye makeup! Your lashes are soo long :)

  6. you look stunning !! love the eye makeup :) great blog :) im your new follower i'd love if you follow me back :)

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday :) Your eyebrows look really good too x

  8. Your makeup looks lovely, the waxing experience doesn't sound too great though! I've always stuck to doing my eyebrows myself because I'm wary of beauticians even though I would much prefer a professional finish!x

  9. love your blog.
    you must be in berlin right now, in the same city as i am haha :)
    lovely eye-makeup

    much love,

  10. x - millie & me - thank you, i'm sure if i search long enough i'll find it eventually hehe

    x - helenlouise - you are sooo right, it was amazing, I didn't want to go home! I didn't no, I guess I'll have to visit again to go! We did go to a market though that was on the full weekend celebrating a culture festival or something like that which was very cool!

    x - helen - thank you!

    x - lou - yes, i'm so glad I did it! Will be dedicating my next post to Berlin so I can show off my pictures hehe

    x - Becky - ah thank you! worth the pain, i think :)

    x - vintage makeup - thanks lovely! sometimes i think they are a bit tooooo long haha

    x - peach crush - thanks very much, you're too kind! Of course, your blog is ace!

    x - torieee - it was lush! thank you :)

    x - emily - aw thanks! it was horrible, I usually do my own but I thought I would treat myself - some treat, huh! i'll be much more wary next time, that's for sure!

    x - loveavenue - thank you! berlin was lovely, i've been home for a few days now but I actually miss it!

  11. You look gorgeous! I love your eye makeup and your eyebrows look perfect; Im very jealous! xx

  12. pretty girl! i love your belt, and your eyebrows are amazing- oh my gosh, i want them! :)

  13. Perfect make up.

    Helen, X

  14. your make up is flawless!! love your hair colour! :) x

  15. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I'd love to go to Berlin! And to spend it there must have been fab. Can't see much of your skirt but it looks like a lovely print! :)

    louisejoyb x