Sunday, 5 June 2011

Too Faced: Look of Love Kit

I was in town doing a little bit of shopping yesterday and making the most of the nice weather! I popped into Boots to pick up a new mascara as my usual favourite Too Faced lash injection mascara was running out. When I got to the Too Faced counter there was a special offer which caught my eye - the too faced look of love kit! I had never seen this kit before so I assume it is a fairly new addition to the Too Faced range which I absolutely adore. The kit contains a full-size lash injection mascara, a full-size shadow insurance eyeshadow primer, a small tube of primed & poreless primer, a full-size lip-gloss, a kabuki brush and a compact containing a mirror, two eyeshadows and a blusher. Priced at £36, I was almost instantly convinced into purchasing it as the contents itself is worth nearly £80 if purchased separately!

From my own experience of this product, and from reading other reviews of this product, the Shadow Insurance does exactly the same job as Urban Decay's popular primer potion! It could even be said that as it is in a tube it is much easier to get the most from the packaging as opposed to Urban Decay's rather problematic packaging that requires the effort of de-potting to the most out of it. This kind of product is what I would say is a must-have, especially if you wear eyeshadow as part of your everyday make-up like I do and want it to last all day long without touch-ups!

As previously mentioned, the lash injection mascara has been my favourite mascara for about 6 months now! It gives my eyelashes amazing length and volume without being clumpy or turning flaky! Admittedly, it does smell quite strong when applying but once applied to the eyelashes there is no smell whatsoever. It usually retails at around £16 so was definitely a great deal as part of this kit, although it does last a very long time.

This lip-gloss in the shade barely legally is possibly a new favourite. It is a gorgeous shade, doesn't feel too sticky and has a slight plumping effect. The plumping effect does leave your lips feeling a little tingly but not sore like some other plumping glosses can feel. If anything, i'd compare it to that pleasant tingle that products containing menthol gives! Apologies for the swatch, I haven't quite gotten used to using my camera for things like that!

The compact was what pushed me to buy this set! The two eyeshadows are gorgeous neutral shades which could be used both for everyday make up or for getting glammed up for evening. The blush looks a little harsh in pictures and in the pan, however, once applied it blends beautifully, although it may not be suited for all skin tones.

As for the face primer, I haven't had a chance to test this out properly but it seems to be of a nice consistency, although the tube supplied in this kit is rather small! To be fair, primer isn't the sort of product I use everyday so I'm not too disappointed!

Overall, this kit is fantastic value-for-money considering all the products it contains, which are all of great quality and that I will definitely be using every day!


  1. seems like a great kit, thanks for sharing:)
    claire x

  2. I have never tried the mascara but the other products are great!! love the lip insurance one to keep lipstick where it belongs..

  3. Sounds like a great deal, and the packaging is really cute! Love the wallpaper on your blog by the way :) xx

  4. x - Vintage Makeup - it's sooo nice on! I love it!

    x - Mon Cheri - no problem, thanks for commenting :)

    x - lippylash - i definitely recommend the mascara! Oh, I haven't' really checked out the lip insurance product but that sounds like something i'd be interested in.

    x - rachelous - it was a fantastic deal and it came in a make-up bag too i forget to mention which is also really cute! oh thank you :)

  5. Oh my god I just got this kit in my order from I love it!!!:):) I couldnt believe what great value it is too. I have to say I love the lipgloss...I've never used the mascara so I'm glad you say it's so gd!!:):)


  6. x - theefkngoddess - it's amazing!

    x - lauramck - the lipgloss is a fantastic product now that I have used it a bit more! hope you like the mascara!

    x - hivenn - thanks!

  7. I love the eyeshadows in the compact! I love bold eyeshadows on other people but me I love the neutral shades. I love everything you got! :)

    come visit my blog and tell me what you think?

  8. This is an extremely value-for-money set!

    I love Too Faced products, have the eye shadow primer and blush, so will be on the lookout to try that mascara you recommended. :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. I haven't seen this before, but it sounds like a great deal! Also love your nails xx

  10. Love the product, I use the eye-primer always when I wear eyeshadow :) xx