Sunday, 29 May 2011


Lately I have found that I've lost almost all inspiration whilst putting outfits together and have ended up looking like a teenage boy most days which is not a look I'd like to go for ideally! In the past I have been partial to phases where I adorn nothing but skirts and dresses, although always with flat shoes as I am rather tall at 5ft 10. However, I am feeling a revival of wearing such outfits after seeing Dionne Bromfield's music video for her song 'Yeah Right'. The video has a great feel, not only featuring some really lovely outfits, but it was also filmed in Draper's Hall where some scenes of The King's Speech were filmed! One of my favorite outfits in the video is this River Island mini dress which I had my eye on for a while but it has unfortunately sold out now. I like everything about this dress, it's leopard print, features a cute bow, and is what I imagine to be a very flattering cut, especially the sleeves. Perhaps I will come into some luck & snap one up on ebay!

It is my 21st in a fortnight & so I am also looking for a nice dress to wear to dinner with my family. I came across this beauty whilst browsing the Topshop website, although I am quite wary of the cream colour. I think I would purchase it straight away if it was in a different colour! I'm also not convinced that I would get a lot of wear out of it as it is definitely an evening dress, which is a type of dress I do not require very often. Thoughts?

I thought I would keep this post fairly short, as I am still getting to grips with this (this being blogging in general hehe!). Thanks for reading! xx


  1. The white dress is beyond pretty! I love it!! Btw your blog is very cute, I love the background :)

  2. vintage makeup - I know, it's such a gorgeous dress! also, thank you! You are the first to comment on my blog so extra special thank you to you! x

  3. I love that dress, white is always so pretty for Summer (very D&G) and looks amazing with a tan. x

  4. i really love the leopard print dress!X